In order to understand why Mormon faith instructs them that they need to build temples, you need to understand what purpose they serve. Mormon Temples – is God’s home, place of rest and holiness, the sanctuary, separating us from the outside world. In the temples of Latter-day Saints learn the plan of salvation, which is responsible to the eternal questions: where I came from? Why am I here? where am I going? I see their loved ones again after death? Temples are necessary for an understanding of this life, and what we must do to live forever with God. This is the fundamental reason why the Mormons build temples. God has always commanded his people to build temples. Moses the people were carrying the temple, which they called the tabernacle; Another well-known temple of the Scriptures – the temple of Solomon. With the restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Dzhozefa Smita, God again asked his people to build temples. In today’s temples, as in the Bible, covenants with God and performed sacred ordinances. These ordinances necessary for eternal salvation, and must be performed in a specific order. The order in which they should be executed, the following: baptism, confirmation (gift of the Holy Spirit), gift of the Priesthood (for men), the washing and anointing, and denunciation of sealing. This order is very important. In a revelation received by Joseph Smith, who is now in the Doctrine and Covenants, it reads: “You may think this order of things too specific, but let me tell you that this is nothing more than the fulfillment of God’s will in accordance with the mystery and preparations, Lord that intended and prepared before the world to rescue the dead and dying without knowledge gospel “(D & C 128: 5).

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake CityMillions of people have died, and not having received the knowledge of the gospel. According to Mormon belief, God is a God of love, and he does not want the people who would accept the gospel, if they had the opportunity to hear about it, have been punished. For this reason, the Church held such a large amount of genealogical work and why a visit to the temple is so important. For living human baptism, confirmation and priesthood talent may be made outside of the temple. Others are the ordinances to be performed in the temple. For the dead all these rites and ordinances must be performed in the temple. It is important to note that the ordinances for the dead are performed human beings acting as mediators, and died, for which you are a sacrament, is not obliged to accept it. Implementation of these sacraments simply allows the dead to take them, if they so wish. These important sacraments, particularly the sacrament of sealing families for eternity, President Gordon B. Hinckley said:

“For us, there is a building that is comparable in holiness dedicated the house of God. Only in the temples of Latter stored in indissoluble union for all eternity the precious relationship built on earth. Among the many features of the doctrinal nature that distinguish this Church from all others, and is the work that is done in the house of the Lord of Divine priesthood authority. Each temple stands as a visible monument to the faith of the people in the immutability of immortality and the continuation of sacred bonds in that immortal realm “(Gordon B. Hinckley, groundbreaking ceremony, the temple in Sacramento, CA, August 22, 2004) anywhere in the world.

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